Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Drew's holiday in Perth, Australia

Hi Everyone

I hope you're having fun at school.  I've been having a cool holiday in Australia.  It was SO HOT when we got here!  The plane ride was long, and took 7 hours, but I had fun watching movies and playing games.  We've been staying with my cousins in Perth. Lucas is 10 and Georgia is 8.  They took us to Adventure World which was really really fun.  I went on the roller coaster, free-fall, the pirate ship, bumper boats, race cars, and the cup rides.  There was also a water park.  We went to the beach and I fell over 3 times in the big big waves.  We've been kayaking on the Canning river, and ski-biscuiting, and I saw a dolphin.  Our cousins have a dog called Molly and she's a Kelpie (a real Australian dog).  Today we went to Fremantle and played at the beach with our other cousins.  Tomorrow we're going to the animal park.  We fly home on Saturday night and we get back to New Zealand at 5am on Sunday morning - we'll be tired!  

Have a good holidays.  We'll see you soon.

from Drew.
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  1. Hi Drew,
    You are very lucky to be in the hot weather. It has done nothing but RAIN the whole time you have been away. We have done our mini and our weavings and we have been doing maths as well. On Tuesday we had an easter egg hunt. Easter Bunny left us some clues to find the easter eggs. They were in Mrs Aberhart's office! The hardest clue was looking in the big fort. We are looking forward to seeing you next term. From Room 10

  2. Was it fun at Australia

  3. Drew it was fun in Australia because I got to go to the wildlife animal park and adventure world.