Monday, 6 May 2013

Mihi Weavings

Theo, Ruby, Emily-Jane, William and Hayley explain the colours they used in their weaving of their Mihi.

A Mihi is how Maori people introduce themselves. We talk about our mountain, our river and the town we are from. Then we introduce our father, then mother and last of all our name.

People listening to our Mihi can make connections to the place we are from, and our family - our whakapapa. (Our relationships with individuals, families and land)

We have to share our Mihi when we visit the marae on Wednesday.

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  1. well done on relating the weavings to your mini

  2. The mice class, Jakarta.
    We love your videos, you have made some great mihi. But we don't know how to say the word. Can you show us - or tell us?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi mice class! Thanks for your comments. The word Mihi sounds like me-he. I have made a short video of my Mihi, and put it in a post called - quadblogging Mihi.