Saturday, 11 May 2013

Weekend Sport

First weekend for netball! How did it go?

We also have children playing soccer and rugby. How were your games?

If your parents have any photos of you, they could email them to me and I can add them to the blog. or

Mrs Aberhart

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  1. The netball team didn't win. They didn't get any goals but they had lots of fun.
    William, Theo and Seth lost their rugby to Southern.
    Charlie, Hayley and Emily Jane won their soccer.
    Hannah Mae had her first game of squash.
    The other rugby team had the bye.

  2. Hi room 10
    We tried to send some photo's through
    Emily-Jane had a busy weekend of sport - first kicks soccer with Charlie land hayley. Charlie got player of the day last leek and e-j and hayley got them this week for helping the coach and lots of goals!
    Ripper rugby - allentong played methane a close game - Emily-Jane ran in the
    First try.
    Fun gym Ashburton gymnastics club annual competition - Emily-Jane remembered all her routines for beam, floor, bar and vault. It took place on Sunday

  3. Emily-Jane had a big weekend of sport.
    First kicks soccer with Charlie (player of day last week) hayley and e-j players of the day this week for helping the coach and lots of goals
    Ripper rugby Allenton g vs methven a close game with e-j running in the first try
    Fun gym gymnastics ashburtons annual competition was on Sunday. Ej did well remembering her routines for beam,vault,floor and bar :)

  4. In the weekend William, Seth, Theo, Josh played rippa rugby.
    We played Methven.I ripped 2 rippa flags off the Methven team. Harry got 8 trys and rilly got 3. The Methven team won the game and the colliegate team lost.The score was 17 to 11.
    Then we went inside. There was a big gold bell and when it went ding a ling we needed to go and sit on the mat and do the player of the day. Then I went in Theo's car to my house Jon carryed me into the house and i rang the door bell about 20 times.

    1. Why did Jon have to carry you? Were your legs too tired after all that ripping?

    2. No Mrs Aberhart it was because i only had my socks on and it was a wet, rainy day so John carried me.

  5. I like playing rippa rugby with William, Josh and Theo. we played in the rain it was fun.

    From Seth

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